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2Sets Gas Boiler published in the newspaper of The National Industrial Training Authority(NITA) of KENYA

October 12, 2021

This is an order from Kenya. The sentiment given to us is: have the courage to try, take every order seriously, and there will be surprises if you pay.

 Kenyan bidders see our products on the website and call directly. This is a bidding project for the local government in Kenya to purchase boilers for the schools student bathhouses and kitchens. Subsequently, the bidder requested to prepare bidding materials to participate in the bidding. Although the competition for this government project is fierce, we did not back down. We still prepared every document carefully as required and submitted it. In the end, the effort paid off, and our factory won with superior quality and absolute price advantage. The news that our boiler won the bid was also published in the newspaper of the Kenya Quality Supervision Administration, which also caused quite a stir in the local area. After winning the bid, the team actively went to the site to provide layout and installation drawings. After receiving the goods, send technicians to the site for technical guidance, and train the staff on the daily use and maintenance of the boiler. Customers praise the quality of our products and the professionalism of the team.

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